Unvented Hot Water Systems Provide a Highly Efficient Way of Storing and Distributing Domestic Hot Water at Mains Pressure Throughout Your Home

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Unvented cylinders are mains pressure hot water storage systems that provide a highly efficient way of storing and distributing domestic hot water at mains pressure throughout your home.

These cylinders are not open to the atmosphere, unlike open vented cylinders which are open to the atmosphere via the cylinder's vent pipe and the cylinder's cold feed pipe from the cold water storage cistern / tank.

These mains pressure cylinders provide quicker heat recovery than the low pressure open vented cylinder, i.e, it takes less time to heat up.

Unvented hot water diagram

Because water is supplied from the mains supply and not from a cold water storage cistern/tank, the flow rate and water pressure from a unvented cylinder at the outlets (taps/faucets shower heads) is much greater than from the storage fed open vented cylinder.

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