After a Power Flush Your Boiler Will Run More Efficiently, Quietly and Will Save You Money on Your Gas Bills

Come to us for all of your power flushing requirements in Ealing, Chiswick and surrounding West London towns.

Power flushing is an important part of central heating maintenance. Please call us in Ealing, Chiswick or surrounding West London towns.

From the very first day that your central heating is commissioned, its efficiency starts to drop. Within a few months a system can lose 10% of its efficiency. Sludge is created due to the chemical reaction that takes place when copper pipe is exposed to hot water. This circulates around the central heating system and eventually settles in the radiators. This sludge seriously affects the performance of the system and can in many cases lead to boiler failure and expensive repairs.

This diagram, courtesy of Kamco, shows symptoms of a clogged central heating system:

Power Flushing Descriptive Diagram for Ealing and Chiswick

These symptoms include:

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Noisy boiler or pipes
  • Heating slow to warm up
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Reduced efficiency - higher bills
  • Frequent venting (bleeding) needed
  • Potential pump failure and seizure

Many systems are also found to contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems have yet shown themselves.

Our power flushing employs a high velocity flushing pump and specialist materials to remove built up rust and dirt inside your central heating system. This is then flushed out and replaced with clean water.

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